We Love Porn Comics more than Porn Videos

When you look at the porn videos, they are mostly all the same. Men and women in all sorts of combinations. They are great from time to time, but my boyfriend and I prefer another thing. We both love porn comics more than videos. They make us very horny and we love looking at them together. From time to time, we love drawing our own. My Tom is a very talented artist, besides being so hung. It was Tom’s birthday and I wanted to do something really special for him. I decided to make a private party and to dress up as his favorite character from the porn comics.

It took me months to make the costume, but it was worth my while. When Tom came home, I waited in the bedroom in that hot sexy costume. Tom was speechless. He approached me and touched the long, knee high boots. He slid his hands along my boots, over my thighs and to my crouch. He just moved the panties out of his way and kissed my pussy lightly. He gave me a wide and long kiss on the pussy and then he sniffed me and started licking it. At first, he licked me slowly and sensually and then he did it faster, diving in harder and harder. I held his head and pulled him towards me.

He sucked my clit and I came really hard. Once I was done, Tom wanted to unwrap his present for real.

Tom turned me on my stomach and spread my legs. His dick was all hard and ready to penetrate me, but Tom wanted to take his time. He wanted me to beg for it. He just placed the tip of his cock on the entrance of my twat and waited. I could feel it and I was desperate to have it inside me. I begged and begged, but Tom was ruthless. So, I had to do something by myself and I started moving my hips so that his dick entered me.

Tom just stood there, letting me fuck myself using his dick. He wanted me to tell him how much I wanted him inside me. He insisted on me describing how it felt to have his mighty cock up my tight pink pussy. I told him everything. This game aroused me so much that I felt as if I was looking my mind. I started yelling all sorts of dirty things and surrendered to Tom and his cock completely.

I could feel that Tom’s cock was about to spill its load. He wanted to pull out, but this time, I didn’t let him. I grabbed his ass and pulled him toward myself, so that the entire load ended up inside me. Tom didn’t expect that but he really enjoyed it. It was a pleasure seeing him like that as this really hit the spot.

After this amazing sex, we both cuddled on our bed. He was so grateful and we concluded one more time, porn comics do so much more for us than porn videos.